Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orange you glad I'm rad?! :0)

Yep that's cheesy. Mmm, cheese is orange. I participated in a monthly swap this month. The theme was: You can give whatever you want, it just has to be in your favorite color. Easy enough!
My favorite color is orange. In order to get me in the mood I made a batch of orange Kool-Aid. Anything other than water is a rarity around these parts.
I then got to work finding some rad orange stuff.
This orange necklace and earring set.
Orange candy in an orange bowl-M&M's-dark peanut, plain and peanut butter(my fav!), skittles and starbursts.
Cupcakes with orange frosting served on one of my favorite plates with orange flowers.
This cute picture with an orange owl.
And it was all, well except the cupcakes, tucked neatly in this bag with orange leaves that I LOVE! The pattern rocks.
It all went to MK and with the last few months she's had I hope it added some cheer.
Orange is the best.

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A-me said...

i heart orange! :)

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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