Thursday, June 11, 2009

Awesome Emi came to town

Emi, on the right, was in town from Hawaii.
We went to high school together. Didn't hang out outside of school other than going to dances in the same groups and things like that. She didn't know KG at all.
The guy is Grant, more on him in a bit other then to say he gives amazing shoulder massages which I received all through dinner! Awesome!

Amanda, on the right, also went to school with KG and me and was in a ward with him. She came to our wedding, but we haven't hung out since.
Camille also went to school with us. I knew who she was but never talked or hung out.
But now all of us have come together on facebook. Those three girls and KG are known as the Four Queens of Facebook. :) I'm not on nearly as much and don't participate much when I am so I have no title! :) It was only appropriate that we all get together. We met up at Chapala's on Tuesday evening.
This is Gavin, Emi's son.
Then there's Grant, and his lovely wife. He works with KG but the rest of us didn't know him prior to Facebook. We all do now because he is one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. The banter that goes on between these people is unreal! I join in every now and again but good gracious they keep me lauhing.
These two cuties are only 3 months apart. She's a shrimp.
The Facebook Gang, although I don't think Grant's wife is. I guess I'll have to look and add her! :)
I also walked away with a box of delicious hawaiin cookies from Emi that I'd won on her blog. She is also the one who sent me the beautiful blown glass necklace that I'd featured on a previous blog. I'm not sure I mentioned that I also won a $25 Jumba Juice gift card from her blog. I have savored that thing! Still have some left to use. She truly is awesome!
It was really fun to see everyone. Prior to Facebook, none of us had hung since high school. Good times.

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Camille said...

I love it! Thank you so much for taking pictures and posting. :)

Let's kick it.

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