Saturday, June 6, 2009

We had some good laughs over this one!

Flower put these glasses on River and we lost it! We could not stop laughing. Shoot I'm still laughing! And she left them on for a good 5 minutes. Her serious little face just puts me over the edge!
Flower also fed River her cereal for the first time all by herself. It was so cute to watch. I adored every minute of it! She also cleaned her up after! She loves to help and was so proud of herself.

Shortly after this we discovered a 'pool' of liquid in the bottom of the exercauser. I figured Flower spilled her water. I took River out and her little feet were ice cubes and soaking wet. That's when I smelled something yucky, only to discover the 'pool' was pee and diarrhea. Awesome. It was seriously a half an inch deep! (Sorry MK, you may not want this thing back!) I think she was in it for over a half hour. But she wasn't fussy, poor thing.

This afternoon Flower went to an awesome primary activity! She was really looking forward to it and was so excited to tell me all about it when I arrived!
The activity was 'A Flight to Eternity'. Each child was given a boarding pass as their invitation and ticket to the activity.
(Click on the photo to enlarge)
It's very clever! The whole activity was very well put together.
I love the current presidency and I'm so grateful for the time and effort they put into Flower, and the other children, and make them feel so loved!

While she was at the activity River and I went to hang out with Matt and Kris while she cleaned Matt's room. Big fun but it was entertaining and far better then driving all the way back home!

Later, while River and I napped, KG and Flower went Costco and Walmart.

KG made a yummy lemon pasta dinner!

And I just found out KG got three surprise visitors at work. He sure has a lot of girl friends! Hi girls! Glad you could have a reunion. Is Boise being called 'Albuquerque' the 'in thing' these days? :)
Fun day for all.


Amanda said...

It's amazing how facebook can bring together. :)

Sandee said...

The picture with the glasses is so dang cute.. I couldn't stop laughing.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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