Monday, June 8, 2009

She's a strong one!

She kept her legs in the air the entire bottle. You could tell it was hard work because she was grunting! She does this move quite often on the floor too. Even more impressive is when she also does a crunch with her legs like this, flexing her tummy to lift her head up.
She does sit ups all the time. She has abs of steel!
While laying down, she can now grab onto something, like our fingers, and with no help, pull herself to sitting up and then right on up to standing. Her legs are so strong.
She frequently does perfect form push ups. Her little biceps are adorable.
She does an amazing down ward dog but I haven't been able to get it on camera. Every time she sees the camera she drops.
She completely out matches her sister. If she gets a lock of Flower's hair we have to come to her rescue because cannot open her hand.
Flower loves to hold her but most of the time River doesn't want to be held. She throws herself back and twists, knocking them both down in the process, and there's just not much Flower can do to stop her. :)

When she's standing up in your lap she squats all the way down and then launches herself back up with such force! She just loves to jump. I had a couple of people laughing in church yesterday that have never seen this before. They both commented on her strength and ability to bounce so high!
We sure love our little powerhouse!


Steph said...

I love it...a little yogini in the making! I can't wait for you to get the downdog!!! LOVES

La belle mère said...

Holy cow, that push-up shot is amazing!!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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