Saturday, June 20, 2009

River is 7 Months!

Here is a list of things she's done this month. I've written them in the order they happened.

+She now has two bottom teeth.
+She rolls from front to back to front as a means of getting across the room.
+Rocks on hands and knees.
+Holds the bottle on her own.
She likes to get all fancy and pass it from one hand to the other. She also likes to take the bottle in and out of her mouth.
+She is definitely right arm dominate.
+She loves to show her strength any chance she gets by doing push ups, a great down dog yoga position and sit ups.
+She does this awesome tongue clicking.
+She crawls and nothing is holding her back from getting what she wants!
+She really loves the exersaucer and I feel bad because is bending everything because of her strength. We are borrowing it and when we got it everything was in perfect condition. She also rocks that thing so hard she's very close to tipping it over. It makes me nervous.
+She gave me her first kisses.
+She loves to give me hugs while she sighs and pats my back.
+She sits up.
+She adores Flower!
Her little personality comes out more and more each day! She can be so feisty! For example she refuses to sit down! That's been the case since she was two weeks old but now she screams and will not bend. That is the reason she is standing in these photos. She just leaned against the wall for balance!

But she also so sweet! She had the best expression and the best smile I've ever seen! It just lights up the room.

I love this one. "What's going on? Where did everyone go?" Those hands are so cute!

We are so glad she is a part of our family! We just love her so much.

Peace out.

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cute cute pictures!!

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