Monday, February 22, 2010

year of the tiger

we had our annual chinese new year celebration at oriental express. we were joined by lots of family. i'm grateful they were all able to come show support to flower and this holiday. it was super last minute. things have been crazy and then with it falling on valentine's day. but late sunday night i decided we'd do it on monday night so i sent out texts. we didn't expect anyone to be able to come and we were fine with that so we were pleasantly surprised. sorry if i forgot to text anyone. i realized after we arrived that i forgot the great grandparents. :( sorry. next time. but we had a great time!
in attendance:
adam, royal, spencer, zach
doug, opal, lauren, victoria
laura, ken, justin, adam
flower, kas, gregg, sandee
roger, alyse
and of course kg and i.
jimmi and chow treated us well as usual. they also gave flower and river their red envelope with a couple of dollars each. they really love the girls. buffalo grandma also put in some money. thank you!
happy new year!

ryan and amanda i texted you...i'm hoping you got the text and just couldn't come! i'll feel bad if you didn't get the text. just know we wanted you there!

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