Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lucy and ricardo.

saturday kg and i were invited to a valentine's party. we've never been to one so we thought it would be fun. i'll admit, i was a little nervous. but it wasn't necessary because we had a great time and laughed so much! i love laughing.
we were instructed to please bring a dessert. so we made tuxedo brownie cups. they are so good. the white part is white chocolate, whip cream, cream cheese and powder sugar. yum.
the whole house was decorated so cute!

the hosts.
theresa and tl.
ruth and conrad.
bob and sharon.
me and kage
the only couple that wasn't from our ward and i don't remember their names! shoot. but they were so nice and she helped theresa throw the party. note the cute red tins sitting behind them. they were filled with chocolate and a cute love quote and were given to each couple as we left the party.
kris and jerry.
mary catherine and patrick.
laura and cody.
kris was helping with one of the games. hearts with a famous couple written on them were pinned to our backs. we had to ask yes or no questions to the other guests until we figured out who was on our back.
I had lucy and ricardo and got mine in one guess(and a slight hint.) i asked kg if they were real. he said yes but than added in that they were married in real life and on their show. then i guessed it! i was so impressed with myself.kg had donal trump and melania.
apparently this had been sitting on my head for quite sometime. kris finally took a photo of me and when i looked at the photo i saw it. kg's a dork. :)
we ate southern food cooked by tl. then had dessert brought by everyone else. we also played the newlywed game and kg and i won! :) it was hilarious to hear all the answers and stories everyone gave. and i must say jerry was on a roll all night. just being so funny. conrad also had a pretty dang funny story. good times. good times.

we took the girls over to kg's parents while we were at the party. erina was there so flower was very excited. river took it upon herself to climb on their table and dump a vase of flowers and water all over the table. :) she's quick. they've now been initiated by her skillz.
they seemed to have a great time.

when we arrived home we found these cute valentine's waiting at the door for the girls. while we were out my parents stopped by. bummer that we missed them but the girls loved their treats!
super fun night.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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