Wednesday, February 24, 2010

river is 15 months.

here are a few things that she's been up to over the last three months(since the last update) that i want to document.
.....she says mom, daddy, up, out, flower(wower or da-wer), uh-oh, hot, hi, bye, no no no, mine.
.....she likes to spin herself in circles and always counter clockwise.
.....she thinks walking backwards is funny. she'll do it and giggle to herself.
.....when she's in the bath she loves to put her ear under the water. she does it and them giggles and smiles.
.....the first time i gave her a bubble bath she was not impressed. she was freaking out! now, three months later she has warmed up to the idea and even has fun.
.....she loves to sit on stools and is so proud of herself when she does.
.....continually drops food then says uh-oh. her uh-oh is so darn cute!
.....she has 16 teeth. kg calls them shark teeth because each tooth has a space on each side of it. love it.
.....she is a climber. she climbs in and out of her high chair all day long.
.....she climbs up the ladder into flower's bed and as of this week also climbs down. that bed is 6 feet high!
.....she does language for more, please and thank you. there is nothing more funny than seeing her beg in sign language. she does more/please on repeat as fast as she can get her hands to move. it's funny stuff.
.....she says hot and blows on hot food.
.....she does the sweetest fish kissy face complete with the smack of her lips.
.....she can now open all our doors. she has opened the front door and gone outside(we were standing right there). thankfully we have a double sided lock so you have to have a key to get in or out and it is always locked now!
.....she loves to take baths with flower and the hour between dinner time and bed are now my favorite because of this!
.....she likes to help me put clothes in the dryer. she gets so excited and then loves to put in the dryer sheet and then slam the dryer closed. she's a great little helper.
.....she knows that the timer on the microwave going off means food is done and she stops everything she is doing and goes running to the kitchen, usually signing more or please!
....if we say, 'love the mommy' then she lays her head down on me and pats me softly. it's so sweet.
.....the girls love to chase each other and get each other laughing so hard!
.....she says hi in the cutest little voice while she waves frantically. she now does this to strangers in the grocery store. also the other day as i was driving we were stopped at a light and i looked back at her. she had the car next to her laughing as she was waving and saying hi over and over!
.....she loves to share food. she will offer you a bite and then smile so big and giggle when you actually take a bite. she'll end up feeding you the entire thing because it makes her so happy. you have to say 'your turn' for her to take a bite.
.....she folds her arms so sweetly during prayers.
.....she's 34.5 inches tall.
.....she loves to jump and basically acts like the floor is a trampoline. she easily gets several inches off the ground with both feet at the same time.
.....she does the cutest jumping jacks!

she's just a clown. she really keeps us laughing and is just goofy. it's hard to explain but i wish you could all just spend a day with her in her environment and then you would get it. you'd see all the cute, quirky little things she does that make us love her!


La belle mère said...

Such a fun list, it really makes me feel like I know her a bit better. Thanks! :)

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

What a fun girl!

LAURA said...

She is so fun to watch. The thing I love seeing most with her is the look of adoration she has when she looks at Flower. I also liked the little happy dance she did when KG came up the stairs looking for her after being gone for a few hours.

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