Monday, February 15, 2010

be mine. valentine(s).

our valentine's lasted all weekend so i'm going to break it up into a couple of posts.
the most important one was friday night. since kg had to work sunday evening, thereby having to go to bed as soon as we got home from church, that wouldn't allow much time to celebrate. so we did our family celebration, with my favorite valentine's, on friday.
after i got off work i went to jumba to get our favorite smoothies. kg was home preparing our cheese fondue. fondue has become our traditional valentine's meal.
we had two different kinds of bread, green apples, cauliflower and broccoli. yum.
we tried a new cheese out of the melting pot cookbook. not our favorite but flower LOVED it. it had feta, cranberries and walnuts. not bad, just kind of plain and a weird consistency.
then we broke our the favorite part. :)
here's kg's attempt at my favorite yin yang.
we had pound cake, strawberries and bananas.

flower's favorite thing to dip was the strawberries.

river's favorite thing to dip was the bananas.
i love her open little mouth. looks like a bird.
he was teasing her and she was not impressed. :)

after all that yumminess we exchanged little gifts.
the girls gave kg a lifetime supply of his favorite candy...bottlecaps.
the girls gave me a peace teddy bear with black converse.
how cute is this guy?! he also giggles.
kg took them to build-a-bear a couple of weeks prior.
he was right on top of the holiday this year.
kg completely surprised me. i wasn't expecting anything so when i opened this cute pink heart to find chocolates i was happy. but then when i saw the necklace! wow. i was surprised and got choked up. i love it. the chain is so dainty and it's just pretty. thank you honey. :)
and the heart box is so cool the way it opens up.
we gave flower some mini nail polish and a nail file. she was in heaven.
i gave kg two tickets to the new dining experience in town. the mystique. it incorporates world class magic acts at your table with a five course meal served by white gloved butlers. i'm so excited to go. the owner lives here so he hooked us up with the tickets and lynnette passed them on to me. so nice. i'm excited.
i also got my yummy dove caramels. mmmm.
after that river had a party on the table. we now have to have all the chairs leaning, like the chair to the right, in order to keep her off.
she's so proud of herself.
kg was trying to get her to jump off.
so flower joined her to show her how it's done.

she still wasn't having it. :)
we had such a nice evening. i love valentine's day. i love all holidays really. maybe because my mom always made them so special for us. i loved it even when i was single. i treated myself and could always count on a valentine from my mom. but i look forward to valentine's i think because it's pretty and warm after dealing with the dull gray january. i love the pinks and reds and i love love. what can i say. i'm a sap. and these guys make it all worth celebrating!


Lindy Lue said...

that sounds like soooo much fun!!! i love fondue! also ~ jon is a great mechanic and if he can help ya he will! and i am great at watching kids! :) call if you ever need it! lindy

LAURA said...

So cute. I am happy that you have made Valentines Day a good day for KG. We loved having the girls.

A-me said...

mmmmmm... fondue. mmmmmmm....

i heart that you share my passion for holidays :)

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