Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sunday, lovely sunday

sunday was lovely.
i was so excited to see the girls since i hadn't seen them since friday morning. plus i brought them some goodies and wanted to share the love.
they loved the flash lights i got them from the concert.

both lights do the strobe thing in multi color or can be solid in green, blue or red or flash in those colors as well. lots of variety equals lots of fun.

i also brought them some fun colored bowls, cups and plates from ikea. they were a hit!

after that kg had an elder's quorum meeting so i took the girls to get cinnamon rolls for my aunt carolyn and uncle herb. he fell and ended up at the hospital so we paid them a visit.

when we got home there was just enough time to get flower dressed to go with kg to church. river and i went to bed. :)

after they returned home from church river climbed into kg's lap with a book. she loves books.

that evening while kg was doing elder's quorum visits, i got lots of cuddles from river. she's been doing this more lately and i'm loving it.

later still, as we were getting the girls ready for bed, kg left the bed to go get a diaper and river quickly jumped up and stole his computer(a loaner...his is still broken). she is so cute with that thing on her lap and she pounds away at the buttons just like us.
after they had pj's on we said prayers. river now folds her arms and closes her eyes. it's really the cutest thing. yes i was being irreverent and taking photos during the prayer but i had to document her sweetly folded arms! :) and she was even kneeling here.
when we say 'fold your arms' she immediately crosses them up on her chest. so precious.
and then flower had a little dance attack goofy act on the bed before finally calling it a night! :)
it was a lovely, lovely day filled with river being such a sweet, funny little clown. she made me laugh all throughout the day. then flower finished it off with a good laugh. cute girls.

ps.-from my concert blog...i called it a standing ovation but what i meant was an encore. yes i know the difference. it was late. it's now corrected. so i'll say it here just to be clear...i hate encores! :) the end.

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