Friday, February 26, 2010

the train

we have lived in our place for two years. for two years we've heard the train in our living room. i love trains. trains and fireman/trucks. at the idanha i got to hear and see firetrucks everyday. now i get to hear trains everyday. good trade off. i love hearing them. they remind me of staying with my grandma and grandpa campbell in idaho falls. they lived right by the train tracks and it was so loud and you could feel the ground shake. trains and their noise make me happy. so as long as i've lived here, we cross the train tracks almost wherever we go. one day the arms went down right after we went over the tracks so it was right behind us and flower couldn't see. we've also been way back in the line stopped at the tracks, too far back for her too see it. :( i've hoped that one day we'd get stuck and have front row seats as it passed in front of us. well, it finally happened last week! i saw the lights go on and i stopped right then. i actually could have gone and i think the guy behind me wished i would have and he almost rear ended me! too bad for him. flower and i were giddy. we rolled down all four windows and screamed in delight. it was awesome and she thought it was the coolest thing ever!

finally, after two years, front row seats to the train. see...something good happened!


LAURA said...

Only you would think getting stuck by a train is a good thing.

I am so grateful that my granddaughters have you for a mom. You show them the coolness of all kinds of things. You let them feel the joy of new experiences. You let them explore and have fun being kids.

I do love you!

Daniel and Dawn said...

That's a cute story! I miss Boise. I miss Cole Rd backed up by trains!

Shannon Lytle said...

When we lived in Pocatello for 2 years there were train tracks right behind our apartments. I always loved hearing the trains clatter and choo-choo past at night. Oliver is very interested in trains. We play with his track and set up different configurations every day. Trains really are awesome.

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