Thursday, February 25, 2010


remember our heart shaped pizza?
please notice the pepperoncini in the upper left corner
and the garlic butter in the lower right corner.
the day after devouring that yummy pizza river scoured the box for more but all she found was the left over pepperoncini and opened garlic butter. that was just fine with her. she went to town! she would dip the pepper in the butter and suck it off, over and over.
*love her dimples!
so precise and careful.
she was very pleased with herself.

then she handed me the pepper so she could drink the butter.
i have to admit the photo of the pepperoncini here totally makes me giggle!
not pretty.
*oh the jokes that could be told!
and then i gave it back to her.
eventually she even bit into the pepper.
and liked it.
and she ate the whole thing.
she loved it!
silly girl.

*please excuse the cruddy cell phone pictures. :0)

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