Monday, February 1, 2010

something good is going to happen

some people have already caught on that i've changed my blog title. when i started this blog in 2007, we had just adopted flower. i named the blog my playground-wo de cao chang. since she's from china and our journey was the beginning of this blog i wanted chinese characters in the title. i just liked that the blog became my playground as i documented my life with flower.
the next year just felt like it needed to be different. so i took out the chinese and changed it to 'my life is my playground'. that's how i felt. i tried to play and enjoy every bit of life.
this year. i need something new. something positive. last year i bought a bunch of art from a particular gal-valentinadesign. i haven't hung any of it up because i didn't have room, but i knew i had to have it. i find that i'm kind of an art collector. i have a lot of art just waiting in it's packaging for the perfect time. well for one particular piece, it's time has come. i adore the design, graphics and saying...'something good is going to happen'.
we've had a string of bad luck since middle december. both cars dieing.(we are so grateful for my boss letting use one of her cars until we have the money to fix our bus) both laptops dieing. kg's expensive video camera being stolen, from right here in our home. we are pretty sure who took it and it sucks. it was a gift from me. on top of that my hours at work doubled which means i now have to take the girls with me in the afternoon which is stressing me out. it's hard for them and me. my thyroid is once again not cooperating which makes working those extra hours that much more difficult. i'm fatigued all the time. but i can't focus on those things.
i have a lot of 'hopes' swirling around in my head right now. most that i'm not willing to share just yet. fear of failure. fear of judgement. fear of change. maybe even fear of success because then change is inevitable. but i'm a firm believer in the power of positive thoughts. i have been saying the above phrase repeatedly, all day long, since shortly after the new year. and i just know, at some point this year, 'something good is going to happen'. it makes my heart skip a beat each time i say it. so that's my saying for the year and the new title for my blog. i hope it's true for all of you as well and i'm so grateful for you, dear readers. you make this whole little bloggy thing that much more fun for me! :)

it is now displayed happily on my new black shelves that i love. best purchase ever. i've already switched things around like eleventy million times but there are no extra holes in the wall...yay! at the other end of the shelf is this one by the same artist:
peace and welcome to february.


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Love it.

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Keep the faith Angie! I too am a believer in the power of positive thinking, and saying it out loud is even better!

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