Saturday, February 27, 2010

random bits from february

...the girls and i went to lunch with amanda f. and mary catherine at olive garden. yum!

...i went to lunch with kris, hilary and lindsay at shangri la. it was so fun to get to know lindsay and to reconnect with hilary. their humus is so good. i've already gone back for more! yum!

...the girls and i got a visit at work at just the right time(right when i was about to lose my shit) from ryan, amanda and lorelai with super cute valentines and goodies. i loved it. and the girls enjoyed a bit of play time with lorelai. thanks for thinking of us guys!

...kristen spent the afternoon with me at work one day. we got caught up on doctors appointments and she helped me cut out hearts for valentine's day. it was so fun to have her there!

...i went to lunch with kris, claudia and kate at pollo rey. really fun to get together with different people!

...the girls and i went to lunch with kristen at olive garden. river fell asleep on the way there so i put her in the chair and she slept through half of lunch! :)
i had a fun month of lunch dates and work visits!

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