Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4'10" and 5'10"

there's an old wives tale that says if you double a girls height at 18 months, that's how tall she'll be. for boys you double it at age 2.

if we do this for our girls and it comes true? life will be fun and interesting.
flower will end up being 4 feet 10 inches!
river will end up being 5 feet 10 inches!

talk about extremes. i can hardly wait to see how they end up and i absolutely love how different they are!

(my doubled height at 18 months is pretty right on to what i am...5 feet 1 inch)

i also want to note their shoe size because i think it's so cute.
flower has cute, tiny, delicate feet.
at the age of 5 she wears an 8. she has the smallest feet of anyone i know her age.
river still has boxy baby feet but they are huge.
at 18 months she is a size 7! yikes. she has the largest feet of anyone i know her age.

love my girls.


Heather BT said...

I love figuring out how tall the kids will be. Since I didn't have either at the right time to do the doubling, i visit this site
Calli has grown so much this years since she's been home, she's gone from being 5'2" to 5'3.5" according to them.
Acer will probably top out at about 5'6", but he just put on a growth spurt, so I'll have to measure him and re-figure.
Acer has the small feet too - still only size 10. I think Calli has smaller feet, but it's harder to tell.
River and flower will be able to share shoes for a year or so, and then it'll be hand me down's going the other direction!
They are so good together, and it looked like River behaved really well.

Audie said...

This was fun! I can't believe their shoe sizes!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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