Thursday, June 3, 2010

flower started piano lessons.

on june 2nd flower started piano lessons. perfect way to start the summer. she is taking them from hilary and we are so excited to watch her progress. she is already doing a great job and is really loving it.

we've had the piano stored under the bed. we got it for a killer deal, (80% off!!!), in 2007 when we went to visit justin in arizona. a music store at the mall there was going out of business and man did we get lucky! we now have the piano set up in our room. not ideal but it's the only open spot for it!

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Heather BT said...

For some reason, that song book looks really huge! I love the way Flower's just sitting there and the piano's lowered for her.

Calli loves her piano lessons. She has always been able to play by ear, and Acer has picked it up too. the lessons have taught her how to use her left hand more effectively. She still uses her right hand to pick out the melody line of the songs she sings, but the lessons have been great for her. Thank heavens we're getting them free from a friend who is a teacher.

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