Tuesday, June 22, 2010

star gazing. and so much more.

saturday was busy, yet relaxing. i quite enjoyed it.
it started early with kg leaving for the cabin at 8:30 for the EQ paintball trip. he took kas and flower. they were gone all day and from what i understand it was a successful trip.
this was the only photo kg gave me. the girls were totally wiped out on the way home.
while they were gone i got some alone time with river. we started the day off with going through her closet and pulling out all the clothes that don't fit. i then replaced them with all the 3T clothes in storage bins from flower. then i put all the misfitting clothes in the now empty bins and into the closet they went. her closet is now organized and filled to the brim with clothes that fit. how nice. in that time river also took a bath and a nap.
then we went to work. after being there for a bit my mom and sandee stopped by with fries for river. they needed to go to the mall and i needed to go to the bank for work so we all went together. first the bank, then we got a shaved ice. finally we went to the mall for some quick father's day shopping. they dropped us back off at the office and i worked till 5:00 and then we went to target for our last bit of father's day stuff.
shortly after we got home kg called and was stranded. right after he dropped off kas the truck stalled out. we went and picked them up so we could all get ready for the surprise evening i had planned. as we were putting shoes on, all of a sudden river's converse no longer fit. back to target we went to get her a new pair of cons. she is now the same shoe size as flower! since we were there we also picked up a bike helmet for flower and a potty for river.
and now for the fun. i wanted to get a jump start on spoiling kg for father's day. i let him pick the restaurant, with a small hint from me. :)
we went to tepanyaki. always delicious and entertaining.
i just love this photo. it shows her sweet pucker perfectly!
the girls love the soup!

you can see the flames in her eyes.

we love all the fresh veggies!
and what a beautiful salmon!
then it was off to bogus basin. they were doing a star gazing thing and i thought it would be fun for all of us.
this cow had other plans and didn't want to let us pass.

we arrived just in time to take photos of the sunset.
there was a cute little bat by the bathroom.

i just love the way the back light of the sunset is giving our hair a red glow. :)
kg looks good surrounded by all his girls.
we got to look through all the telescopes and the detail was amazing! we were able to see Venus and Saturn. the ring around Saturn was so cool.
one man had a camera connected to his telescope and then streamed it to his computer. so cool. the moon was really neat.
flower was amazed and i think we wore them out. ;)
awesome, awesome day!

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