Wednesday, June 30, 2010

june is over?

here's how it went down!
6.8-we went to kuna with the heiner's to try a new mexican restaurant. we are on the hunt for a good one ever since san diego. we heard great things but unfortunately it didn't deliver. it was good but not for the drive. amigo's still has it for me! we enjoyed the heiner's company though!
6.9-happy birthday amanda!
6.10-my mom came over that evening so i could help her make a scrapbook of the bsu season for my dad for father's day.
6.12-i needed to go to the bank for work so the family walked with me. we got a shaved ice on the way home. that evening we watched 'fantastic mr. fox' while i worked on father's day stuff.
6.14-happy birthday sandee!
6.17-we tried a new babysitter for the girls so we could go to ward temple night. her name is kimmie and the girls loved her! we will definitely use her again. we enjoyed the temple together. after the temple we met everyone at golden spoon for yummy fro yo. it was really fun to talk to everyone...conrad + ruth, laura + cody, amanda + jared and amanda.
6.20-happy birthday kassidee!
6.21-we ate a lot of cheese. ;)
6.22-kg took the girls swimming while i worked. i love having them swimming when i'm at the office. i can go out and say hi and check on them and know they are having fun while i'm just right inside working.
that evening kg took flower on a date to see 'how to train your dragon'. they both loved it and brought home shaved ice to share. score!

6.23-we took flower to piano lessons together so we could get breakfast and see joni as a family. we got there a bit early so we played at o'farrell park first.

then while flower was at piano we walked around co-op and then flower joined us at jim's coffee shop to see joni and have breakfast.
that afternoon amanda f. and angie came over to swim with the girls while i worked. what a life saver! i really appreciated that.
6.24-kg took the girls to the ramsey family picnic while i went to lotus salon and got my hair did by val. she makes me feel pretty. :)
6.28-at noon i went to amigo's with claudia, kris and karen. what a fun group!
at 4:00 i took the girls to a park in eagle. we took their bikes and road on the green belt and once we were hot we played in the water. it worked out great.

i took a few photos and then put the camera away and joined the girls in the water. it was lots of fun. then we went to baskin robbins. perfect summer day.
it's crazy that it's already july. hope your june was great!

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