Saturday, June 5, 2010

best. sushi.!

on friday the 4th the girls spent the night with kg's parents. kg and i enjoyed a wonderful date night. we have been wanting to try yoi tomo sushi. we've heard great things about it and i couldn't wait. well it did not disappoint. oh my freaking stars it's so good. best i've ever had. i am craving it something fierce as i type this! we started off with a salad and jalapeno bombs. wow they were good but super spicy. we also got edamame but it's not for us.
we got three rolls which were all deep fried..
mexican crunch
leaving las vegas
golden california
we both left stuffed and highly, highly recommend this place.
i then sat in the car while kg went home teaching with steven because steven's companion was unavailable. finally we finished out the night by going to see a movie, killers. it was very funny.
i really enjoyed the night alone. what i enjoyed even better was sleeping in on saturday morning. kg got up a bit earlier to go to a service project with the elders quorum. he and drew were the only ones to show up but they got a lot done. i slept till 10 am then went to work at noon. i was grateful for laura watching them that day because it was so dang busy. i did enjoy a slight conversation with sandee and jenn who brought their kids over swimming.
that evening laura dropped the girls off at red robin where we met monkey and the boys for dinner and then went to the park to play! it was a wonderful weekend!

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