Monday, June 14, 2010

early father's day and birthdays!

on sunday the 13th the girls and i went to roger's to celebrate an early father's day and birthdays. happy birthday to amanda, sandee and kassidee. and happy father's day to my dad and brothers. they are all excellent dads!
the girls and i arrived early with their bikes in tow so we could go on a walk before the party started. roger's kids joined us. torta had fun 'trying' to ride river's big wheel. it was funny.

i love that flower was giving river a pump.

we got back to roger's at 6 and everyone had arrived so let the party begin. they each opened gifts and cards and then we had dessert.
evidently the spoon wasn't working as well as sticking her face in the bowl. :)
then sandee, amanda and i took all the kids on another walk. this time we walked to some sheep in the neighborhood. it was fun to listen to the sheep baaa and 'talk' to each other.
the kids were trying to lure them to the fence.
eventually it worked and all the sheep came running.

then we took the long way back to the house. i got left behind with river and met up with a lady in my brother's ward and three of her girls. we had such a great conversation. two of her girls are adopted and we shared our stories. turns out she has heard of amanda. her friend has volunteered at starfish. so cool! it was lovely to meet her.
this is river and one of her little girls playing in the gutter water.
they were so sweet together.
they let river wear their sunglasses against my advice and sure enough, river broke them. :(
we got back to roger's at 9 and i gathered the girls to leave. i had to send river down the steep driveway a couple more times. her face was hilarious and she loved the speed! she went so fast she'd cross the street and make it to the side walk on the other side, all while holding her feet up, coasting.

i love her brave spirit. flower wanted nothing to do with it! ;)
it was a lovely sunday!

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