Monday, June 21, 2010

first swim of the summer!

we had an amazing weekend. it started off on friday with kg taking the girls swimming. first swim of the summer. since river was just 7-9 months last summer she obviously didn't remember swimming. she was so excited!
she just stood there taking it all in.
as you can see in this photo, her hair is getting curly. :)

we tried several different floaties and ways to make her happy. it wasn't easy.
she went right through the center of this.
sitting this way probably works the best but then she's not really in the water.
and come to think of it i think she tipped it.
this shot of flower is awesome!
it shows perfectly just how dang cold the water is!
she didn't really know how to hang on to the noodle.
we put the swimsuit/vest on her.
but it's still a bit big and goes over her face.
flower goes all over the pool with her water wings on.
this seemed to work the best.
putting her in the doughnut with the vest on kept her from going right through the middle.

it's fun having them at the pool while i'm inside working. i can come out and watch them swim for a bit and take photos and go back to work. i'd say it was a successful first day at the pool.

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