Tuesday, June 15, 2010

river's 18 month check-up

technically she is one week shy of being 19 months now but i forgot to schedule her appointment. the nurse has never met river before and was shocked at her size. then she was more shocked when river said, "potty" and grabbed her diaper when i went to take her diaper off to take her weight and height. they have the cutest mini potty there that river thought was great! we've started casually potty training her so that she can get used to the idea. every time we change her diaper we put her on the potty and every time she says potty we put her on. i'd say 1/3 of the time she actually goes which is great! and it's pretty equal between pee and poop. anyway, the nurse has a girl that is 2 weeks older than river and she said they don't even compare. she was shocked at how much river talked and that you could actually understand. (she also complimented me because i talked to river constantly with everything i was doing and treated her like an equal, not baby talk...and didn't just give river stuff with a point or grunt but said the words and asked her repeat them. i guess it just comes natural because i struggle with kids that grunt all the time so i don't allow it. neither does kg. and flower is so good about not talking for her but teaching her.) she was just surprised at pretty much everything river did. a lot of which is attributed to her height. she can now reach the light switches and had great fun turning them off and on there. at one point she climbed on the bench, then to the lower counter where the nurses papers were. the nurse looked at me surprised that i wasn't nervous as she then went to get on the higher counter. i'm just so used to her climbing antics i hadn't even noticed. then she saw a hole in the counter and said, "trash" and grabbed the nurses papers and tried to throw them in. that impressed the nurse even more that she new it was the trash can. :) makes a momma proud. :)

her official stats:
weight: 30.5 pounds=97%
height: 35 3/4=>97%(she put the > sign because her chart didn't go any higher than that)
head circumference: 46 1/2 cm=50%

here she is waiting for the doctor to come in. she pretty much took control of the room as usual. she never ever stops moving and is very curious. she took the paper towels and was cleaning the knight.

the doctor than came in and marveled much the same way the nurse had. she was so surprised at how vocal she is and that she can be understood. she will pretty much say any word we tell her to and most of the time it's understandable. i'd say she knows how to use 50% of those words. she was also impressed when river was sitting on the bench coloring and i said, "river put the pen on the counter and come over here to the table" so i could put her on the table for the exam. she followed the directions exactly. the doc had me do a couple more two-step directions and she followed them easily. the doc said she is beyond her age for following directions. kids her age are at one step directions and she was impressed that she was doing two-step directions easily. the exam of all her parts also checked out well.

the nurse then came back to give her three vaccines. :( she was so excited to receive her coin that works for their ball machine for bouncy balls. very cool. and then we were off.

it was a great appointment and one that made me so proud of her. she's a smart little cookie for sure.

*just a note. at 21 months, flower was the same weight as river is now at 30 pounds but was 5 3/4 inches shorter at 30 inches. she was a cute little roly poly.

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