Wednesday, June 23, 2010

happy father's day!

our father's day was exceptional. it was different than any we've had yet. usually we spend it with our families. but this year, we were with my family the week before and kg's dad and brother were out of town. it was so great to just focus on kg and let him decide how he wanted to spend the day. i woke up and got to work in the kitchen surprising him with his favorite breakfast treat, coffee cake, which i've never made from scratch before. while it was cooking the girls and i gave him gifts.
we got him a nose/ear hair trimmer, see's chocolates and a twist light.
finally the cake was done and holy crap was it good! i've never really liked coffee cake until now! so delicious. i also made his choice of bacon to off-set the sweet.
then we all got ready for church and i was stoked to learn that the klein's would be joining us! they are in town from san diego. we saved them a bench and flower had so much fun sitting with them. we took havanna and enjoyed cuddling a baby. i enjoyed sitting next to them in sunday school and relief society. after church, all the men were served homemade pie. all the dad's were also given these m&m's that were made into a bow tie by the primary presidency. super cute! we have a great presidency!
i was delighted to find out the klein's wanted to hang out with us for the day! we all came to our place to change clothes and then we went to lunch at goodwood. super yummy food of course!
i've mention before that river is a clown. she does anything for a laugh. here's some proof.

look at her eyeing that bottle!

pure beauty!
after that we went to the park! it was really lovely outside.
i love how the chains seem a mile long in this photo.

the kids love the merry-go-round.
as you can see they are progressively going faster.
i love this one! they are all barely able to hang on!

eventually the kids ran off for other adventures and the adults took over the merry-go-round as a lounge pad. :) i really enjoyed talking with scot and val while the kids played.

a boy showed up with a really cool bubble maker and the girls went wild chasing the bubbles.

and then it was time to go.
so on the way to the car kg threw the girls in the air a couple of times.

after we got home flower had to model the pants she chose to wear. she is wearing her sister's 24 month pants! they don't fit river(because of her diapers) but they fit flower just fine as capris! and they weren't tight around the waist at all. crazy.
it was really one of my favorite days in awhile. everything was spontaneous and fun and filled with great friends. my heart was filled to the brim with love that they are only visiting for a week and yet they still set an entire day aside for us, even though both of their families are here. that really meant a lot to me. we sure love them!
i'm so thankful for kg and the daddy he is to flower and river. the three of us girls are incredibly lucky to have him. he definitely picks up my slack more times than not and usually does it on little sleep. he would do anything for his girls and he shows that on a daily basis. i can't even put into words how much i love him.
thank you kg.
i also want to tell kg's dad, brothers and grandpa how much i love them and appreciate them as father's. they are all amazing and i'm bummed we didn't get to see them. i hope you all had a wonderful day.

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I love those pics of KG throwing the girls up in the air . . . so cute!

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