Thursday, June 10, 2010

cookies and a nice long walk

flower had been asking to make cookies. so last monday, the 7th, that's what we did. river helped, or should i say watched, the first part of mixing the dough. then i formed balls and flower rolled the balls into cinnamon sugar. we made snickerdoodles.
in texting with kris i discovered she was near by at matt's golf tournament for the day. we decided after we were done with the cookies to go on a walk to see her and take her cookies. i totally underestimated how long that walk would take. the double stroller has flat tires so i took the single stroller and flower walked. she did amazing but does not like the heat so we stopped a lot to put water on her head and stand in the shade. :) keep in mind it was probably only 70 degrees that day. we are in for a long summer with that girl!
the girls were so excited to see buffalo grandpa stopped at a light as we were walking by! too bad we didn't have enough time to give him some cookies!
flower stopped and took pictures of the pretty flowers.

after walking about 2.5 miles with at least that much further to go, kris was ready for a break from golf so instead of us walking to her, she met us at the snow shack a half mile away, which was where we were going to go after the golf course. :) i'm so glad we did that. i'm not sure we would have made it home other wise. we enjoyed a nice rest while talking to her and eating our refreshing shaved ice. when it was time to go flower said she needed a rest and wanted to ride in the stroller. as we started walking river automatically climbed in the basket underneath. fine by me! she cracks me up!

a few blocks later we stopped at dairy queen so flower could use the bathroom. since we were there we shared some chicken and fries. finally we were on the road again. after that, river walked for about half a mile, then got back in the basket and went to sleep. :)
by the time we got home i was beat. we were gone for 3 1/2 hours. and walked a little over 5 miles. with all the stops we made i think we averaged 2 miles an hour which isn't bad when a 5 year old walked 3 miles of it and an 18 month old walked half a mile of it.
unfortunately i forgot to put sunscreen on and my right arm was fried! i've been dealing with blisters all week. yum.
but it was worth it. i liked being outside with them and just enjoyed the day.

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