Thursday, September 30, 2010

wrapping up september with a pretty little bow

9.1-great grandma hunter watched the girls for me while i worked. the girls had a blast. and i'm really glad we took advantage of her being close one last time because they just bought a house and are moving to meridian! thanks carol.
9.2-my mom watched the girls while i worked. the girls had fun as usual. thanks mom. on our way home from her house we stopped by great grandma jensen's house for a visit. i'm glad we did. the girls enjoyed her and i always like talking with her.
9.3-this was kg's day to be spoiled. i set him up with an hour massage and then adjustment at the chiropractors office. then he got a pedicure. he worked a whole bunch of overtime and we want him to always know how much we love him and appreciate how hard he works for our family!
9.9-happy birthday joni!
9.12-happy birthday josh!
9.14-happy birthday sarah!
kg became an ordained vail worker at the temple. he's pretty excited!
9.16-happy birthday serena!
9.18-sandee watched the girls while i worked. thanks sandee.
9.24-we went to a garage sale to help support a friend of mine raising money for her son's donated dog to be trained as a companion animal. it's pretty amazing and we were happy to help. after that we went to buffalo grandparents and great grandma and grandpa hunters so flower to pimp out her fundraiser for school. she was grateful that they both helped her out. we enjoyed our visits with both.
9.25-i enjoyed an evening out alone to the general relief society broadcast. i enjoyed all the talks and monson is pretty hilarious.
9.26-sunday was our ward primary program. this is my all time favorite sunday. i was in the primary for 7 years in this ward and always got choked up because i saw how hard the kids and leaders worked to make it happen and the pure joy i felt when it went so well. and then to watch the children be spoiled by the amazing sister friend. awesome. now my joy is in watching flower. she knows all the songs and although she had her part memorized, got nervous at the microphone as she said, "jesus loves me because he gave me a sister". and even though she needed a bit of help, we were so proud of her. doug, opal, ken, laura, ryan, sandee, gregg, spencer and kas all came to support her and she was so thrilled! thanks everyone for the support.
after church the girls played their recent favorite game of 'dog and owner'. they put this stethoscope around their neck as a leash and act like a dog while the other one pulls them around. it's pretty cute. especially when river is the dog owner and dragging flower around. :) here river told her to 'sit' while she picked something off her foot. river
i was enjoying her snuggles after i got home from the chiropractor after getting x-ray results. i was told i have degenerative disc disease. it's nice to have answers to the chronic pain i've been in for several years. but strangely i was more depressed about it the next morning when i woke up in pain. i always wake up in pain. it takes awhile to stretch and get moving. but i guess i always had the hope that if i just exercise more(which worked in the past) or lose more weight, or whatever that the pain would finally go away. with this diagnosis, that's just not the case. bummer. now it's all about pain management which is frustrating. my lowest disc is 75% affected and some parts are bone on bone. the next disc up is 50% affected, the one above that is 25% affected. we can work to stop the progression and any further discs from being affected which is good news. i just hate being in pain everyday but really don't want to be on pain meds everyday yet. :(
9.28-kg helped in flower's class and he really enjoyed it. i look forward to it being my turn!
9.29-last day for the girls with emily. i'm bummed because the girls loved going to their house and i really trusted them. it just didn't work out for them with their homeschooling. :( i'm hoping the next option works out.
9.30-river pretended to make a birthday cake and then used her sippy cups as candles, sang happy birthday and blew out the candles. i love that her little imagination is taking off!she took blowing out the candles very seriously!
and now october is here! i'm a little more excited for october than i remember being last year. i'll bet it has something to do with the fact that we are having amazingly warm weather! we've already done some fun things and thanks to kg, our halloween costumes are in progress. details to come.

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