Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the klein's came to town!

we so loved having them in town. they came to church with us on sunday the 19th for father's day. we then went out to dinner at goodwood to celebrate scot and kg for being amazing dad's. we did the same thing last year with them and sat at the exact same table. fun tradition.
tuesday, the 21st they invited us to val's parents home for a big bbq.
the food was delicious.
and the play time was endless.

i love my beautiful friend.

as soon as i tried to use my flash my camera died. but they are a handsome bunch!
once it got dark we had a big bon fire and s'mores.

they jumped on the trampoline and told ghost stories in the dark.
the girls loved it.
we had such a great time.

on friday the 24th elektra spent the night and we were thrilled with the extra time with her.

we are so lucky to call them friends and are grateful they make so much time for us when they come to town. it means so much to us. we wish scot the best on his deployment and hope val and the kids survive their time without him. i am constantly thinking about them and hate that i can't do more to help her. they are all amazing and i miss them a lot.

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