Thursday, June 2, 2011

kindergarten at the park!

even though flower had graduated from kindergarten, she still had a day and a half left. thursday the 2nd was spent in the park. it was so fun walking there with all these kids. they each had a buddy. flower was paired with alice. alice is in the orange coat and flower in the white.

i loved the sight of reaching the field...they all went running with such excitement!
before we knew it they had devoured the playground.

river loves underdogs!

the merry-go-round was definitely the favorite spot for the kids!
flower preferred the slides and monkey bars.
cute little millie. this is the sister to flower's friend mandy.


hala liked following river around. :)

it soon started to rain so instead of eating snack in the field we went back to the school.
by the time we got back it was pouring and we were all soaked! :)
cookies saved the day! we ate cookies, a lot of which were left over from the graduation the day before. a lot of the cookies i had made the week before went to these two events.
mmm, yummy.
i really can't believe kindergarten is over. flower learned so much and is a smart little cookie! she can read and write and it's so fun to watch. she is so excited to learn and really loved school. i hope that lasts. :)

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