Tuesday, June 14, 2011

mamma mia!

on june 14th, which happened to be sandee's birthday, i went to see mamm mia with sandee, kas, opal, kristen and flower. first we met up at chili's for dinner. then off to the play. it was, hands down, my favorite play so far. it was so lively and fun. it was also nice knowing all of the songs.
cute group of girls
during the intermission i bought flower and kassidee a souvenir. they each chose a little pink pouch with mamma mia written on it. the play was kas' birthday gift from sandee and then the pouch was from me.

flower cracked me up because she would comment when something was different than in the movie.

the ending was so fun. the whole cast got on stage and danced and sang to several songs and the entire audience joined in on the singing and dancing. it was a very fun night!

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