Friday, June 3, 2011

friday night at the races!

on the evening of june 3rd the girls and i went to the meridian speedway races. sandee, spencer, kas and two of their friends joined us as well as kristen and cameron. we all got free tickets! it was a lot of fun. i love free. it ended up being one unfortunate event after another and eventually we just had to laugh and it made the night that much more fun.

see those nasty nachos. river fell back into them and her hair smelled of disgusting nacho cheese the rest of the night! it was so nasty and crusty. yuck.
these babies are my summer candy. yum.

here's her crusty hair. blech. it was so stinky.
i love starburst sandwiches. i only smoosh together yellow and pink but flower wanted three colors.
kristen is so beautiful!
these girls love their aunt sandee!
it's hard to see but these next two photos are an amazing crash. the car actually flipped through the air. it was pretty sweet to watch. and the driver wasn't hurt which is even better.

pretty little flower.

sweet river. and mischievous. :)
this race lasted more than an hour! there were so many wrecks they had to keep push-starting the cars all over again which takes time. it was long but awesome!

when i was young i'd always play under the bleachers. since spencer is 12 and kas is 9 i had no problem letting my girls go down and play with them. this a photo that i took of the girls playing below us. the fact that i can't see river here should have been a big clue. but i figured she was just out of the shot.
the kids had been gone about 25 minutes. sandee and i were enjoy the peace. ;) all of a sudden over the loud speaker the announcer says they have found a missing child. sandee said, "wouldn't it be funny if it was river?" i said, "yeah hilarious. except those kids wouldn't let her out of their sight." then the announcer started describing her outfit and sure enough, it was river. as i was headed down to claim her the three girls came running up to me scared that they'd lost river. i said "i know, she's been found and being talked about over the loud speaker." i fetched my daughter who was having a ball speaking into the microphons to the whole crowd! since i didn't know she was missing until she was found, i didn't have that dread of not being able to find my child. thank goodness.
i think she walked off when the other girls were paying more attention to me taking their photo and not her. evidently she thought she was headed back up to see us but went up the wrong set of stairs. she sat down with a family that had food and started eating their popcorn and made herself right at home. they all laughed at her and got a kick out of her before taking her to the announcer.

then after i returned to our seats i realize that the blanket i brought was gone. i figured it fell under the bleacher and spencer's friend confirmed that saying he saw it laying there. i sent them down to grab it but it was gone. i was so bummed because kg's had it for a long time. then i see a father walking with his kids and they have my blanket! i run down to them and claim my blanket...only it's not mine. the edging was brown instead of black. oops. don't i feel stupid. then i decided i may as well check in with the announcer. maybe someone had turned it in? sure enough they had it! and you better believe they gave me a hard time since i'd just lost my child. they even made sure i didn't drive a honda since honda keys had been turned in. nope, i drive a toyota. i returned to my seats and enjoyed the rest of the race.

finally at 10 pm it was time to go home. imagine my surprise to realize i didn't have my keys. looks like i should have claimed those honda keys after all. :) i looked through all my pockets and bag. nothing. and then, i peaked in the windows and their they were all alone on the floor, locked in. i had set them down while gathering our things and forgot to pick them up when it locked the doors. crap.
kg was working so i called good old john! he went to our apartment and got kg's keys and brought them all the way to me, but only after he finished his half hour show! jerk. but at least he came and i had sandee and the kids to keep us company so we weren't alone.

so let's do a quick rundown shall we?
1-river landed head first in disgusting nacho cheese smelling rank the rest of the night. 2-i lost my child and didn't even know it. 3-i lost my blanket 4-i accused total strangers of stealing my blanket 5-i found my blanket and got sufficiently made fun of. 6-i discover at 10:30 at night that i locked my keys in the car.
and we laughed all the way through it. it was a very fun night!

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