Wednesday, June 1, 2011

flower graduates from kindergarten+a bbq!

as of june 1st, it's over. flower graduated from kindergarten. it was such a cute little program although not the best executed. it included both kindergarten classes and instead of using bleachers and having the kids in a couple of rows, thus making them more visible, they had them stretched from one side of the gym to the other in a single line. not ideal for photos but it worked out. i got up and stood where i needed to get my shots. each child had a letter of the alphabet. on their turn they said their letter and word that started with that letter.

they then sung the cutest song but with the kids so spread out it wasn't working out so well. i'm so glad flower sang it at home for me and that i had the sense to record it because it's darling!

finally they received their diplomas from their principal. she pulls her lips in when she's nervous. :)

their caps were so cute!
she was so happy!
proud sister.
mrs. mortin is a wonderful teacher!
we enjoyed some juice and cookies. a good portion of the cookies i had made earlier in the week went to this event.
i love her little dress. i gave it to her that morning just for the occasion.
this her favorite little friend, heather.

flower and makalata
after the graduation we went to oriental express for lunch to celebrate. my parents came to the graduation and also went to lunch with us. kg's mom joined us for lunch too! the photo i took of her ended up really blurry but we were glad she was there!
we love chow chow!
kris was working which was a nice surprise. she got to celebrate with us.
that night after work we had an impromptu bbq by the pool with dave+bobby+isaac, lisa+john+sam+josh+isaac+topher, heather+5 kids, carol+chase, sandee, and our gang of four.

it was such a wonderful day. congratulations flower! now on to 1st grade with you!

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Laura said...

The song was really cute. Thanks for inviting me for lunch.

Let's kick it.

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