Friday, June 10, 2011

surprise room make over!

on the evening of june 10, sandee and i met kristen at hobby lobby. we were in search of cute things to decorate kassidee's room. kas was with her dad that weekend so sandee wanted to redo her room for her birthday. it was a fun surprise. after playing for a bit at the store we went to 'on the border' for dinner. finally we went to sandee's house and got to work. i should have taken before pics but i forgot. but at least i got the during and after.
it really was a great transformation!
we started by just cleaning and moving everything.
the dresser and hutch used to sit in the spot that kristen is vacuuming.
we moved it to the opposite wall where the bed once sat.
we moved the bed to under the window.
we took everything off the walls and started all over, only returning kas' very favorite things and the new things sandee bought to surprise her.
that really opened up the room and made it seem so much bigger.
there's that dresser. i got that when i was 14 and got my own room for the first time.
kas wanted her initials hung on the wall so i gave her the 'K, d, J' for her birthday.
sandee found the black flower pictures on our utah trip.
the bedspread and sheets are a new set for her birthday.

the tv and stand stood in the corner where the bed is now.
kas loves justin bieber so we made sure to put her poster up.
sandee bought her the desk and chair on our utah trip.
i really loved how it all turned out. sandee cleaned and organized the dresser after we left and just made everything neat and pretty. kas was so excited when she got home! big thumbs up for a total success!

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