Sunday, June 5, 2011

sandee's family photos(and my girls)

on june 5th i took some photos of sandee and the kids. they needed a new family photo to reflect their new family! we had fun at the train depot and downtown. my girls were camera hogs. they are so used to the lens being focused on them that it's torture when they have to watch someone else get their photo taken. i humored them, especially my little poser, flower. :)

favorite! i love spencer's attitude.

favorite! i love the whole scene.

love these girls!
she poses herself every time.
and she's just a sassy little stinker!
favorite! kas found this spot herself and i loved it.

kas wanted some photos of the 'river'

kas wanted to be one of the 'faces'

favorite. i love them against the black. i hope they always have each other's back!

favorite! this is the one she put above the fire place.

we took a break for some aspen leaf. yum.

favorite! so much attitude.

favorite! a great example of flower's natural beauty.
favorite!-great example of river's curiosity as she gets down to look down that tiny hole.

favorite! i'm so thankful for how well my girls are loved.
favorite! we need to find sandee a nice modern man that will treat her well.
favorite! love these four kids! they were following the leaf art path.

all time favorite! dang he's handsome.

i totally caught flower in a sneeze! awesome.

all time favorite! she's a beautiful young lady.
she owns the place!
nice jump!
good times.

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