Friday, June 3, 2011

last day of swim lessons!

june 3rd was their last day of swimming lessons! they went to seven 45minute sessions. we were out of town for the 8th.
karen is absolutely amazing! i've never referred so many people to one person in my life. but really, she's that good!
and my girls rocked that pool!
i am so amazed that my 2 year old is swimming. she almost never wears floaties in the pool now.
she knows 3 different legs strokes and 3 different arm strokes plus she can swim on her back.
and then there's flower. she totally impressed me. she trusted karen and tory right off and that made it so easy for her not to be scared. she did everything they told her to do and she was awesome!

she was swimming the length of her pool and was is getting better and better at the breathing thing. she is also getting better and not plugging her nose.
this is such a great indication of their personalities.
river would jump in before karen was even ready. she had karen laughing through most of her lessons.
flower is very thoughtful. you can see by her stance that she is nervous but she conquered her fears and went for it every time!

flower was even brave enough to jump off the diving board.

here is a moment when river jumped before karen was ready.

river was so excited for her chance on the diving board. she went so fast i didn't have a chance to get a photo of her standing on it.
no fear!

they also got to do the slide.
and then she swam to the other end after hitting the water. check out that swimmer!

i love the way they fly off the end of the slide!
carol came with me on their last day. she's standing at the base of the slide to make sure they don't fall off the steps.
river's 2nd trip down the slide wasn't as successful. some how she got flipped around and hit her face on the slide and got a bloody nose. :(
then flower went a 2nd time and got flipped about too.
she hit her head so hard she got a bump.
this is a huge moment. she finally agreed to DIVE off the diving board. this was not easy for her but she totally did it! i'm so proud of her.
she was so proud of herself. woot woot! such a great ending to their swimming lessons.
i bought them each the goggles as their graduation gift.
i also let them play on the trampoline one last time.

river was trying to copy flower with the one leg jump. i adore the look of determination on her face and her hands!
i will definitely be taking them back to karen each year!

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