Sunday, June 19, 2011

fun day with sandee

on june 19th i had several errands to run to prepare for an upcoming baby shower i was throwing. i took sandee and the girls along for the ride.
first stop: pier one imports. found great flowers and a vase plus 3 lanterns. the girls were ok but i was so nervous they were going to break something because they don't have carts to contain the children. i tried to contain them on this papasan with some toys and thankfully we all made it out alive, without anything broken.we then went to cost plus world market, target(where i found the perfect serving tray and bowl) and finally winco. i was a little surprised to see this notice on the 'childrens' carts. would any self respecting adult really ride on one of these carts? and evidently more than one adult was a big enough problem that they had to post a warning that only one adult is allowed.
the girls little bums barely fit. hmmmm....
it was a fun day.
that was father's day(but kg was sleeping) and the girls gave him this sign:
it's true. we also gave him a computer chair in may that he is loving.
the next night we went to roger's house to celebrate father's day.

we had an enjoyable time before scooting on home for bed.

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