Friday, October 28, 2011

amanda came to the states

october 28th, we were so excited to hear that amanda was coming! and that she was going to stay with us! we got to spend a few days with her and we loved it. the girls and i also took her to twin falls for more visits. we were treated to a wonderful lunch at the country club with amazing views! the folks we had lunch with her so generous with their pocket book and their time. one guy took us around on a big golf cart showing us all the great views and sharing some history with us. i wish i had written this right after we went because now i'm failing to remember names.

in light of amanda's cancer, i'm even more grateful for these precious photos!

amanda took the camera for a bit.

he was so kind to take us around and we had fun!

i loved the history of this little cemetery amongst the golf course

it was so cool to watch para sailing off the bridge.

interesting choice of decor in the women's bathroom. the girls thought it was hilarious!

i love this one! <3

we had such a wonderful time and treasure any time we can get with amanda!
we made a stop at jamba juice before sending amanda off with the next family and heading home. it was a really nice outing with my girls.

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