Monday, October 17, 2011

california::day 4-disneyland, day 1!

october 17
we woke up monday morning excited to get on the road. we were going to DISNEYLAND! we were all so excited! this was the fist time for all the kids.
i surprised the girls with princess dresses to wear for their first day. river was tinkerbell and flower was ariel.(they had told me previous those were their favorites.)
i was so excited that they put a halloween spin on everything!

we started the day off right....with ice cream!

there was a ride that ashton and ellektra wanted to ride but the littles couldn't go on it. kg took them while val and i took the littles to the swiss family robinson treehouse.

haunted house. :)

my favorite ride!!! splash mountain. the first time around kg sat out with havana.
i love these action shots! in case you can't tell, from front to back-elle, flower(they wanted to sit in the front so bad!), river, me, ashton and val!
flower and ellektra loved it just as much as i did so we went on it several times together. :) kg joined us the second time. we told the girls if they could keep their arms in the air for the drop they'd get a dollar. i was impressed with them. ellektra dropped hers right before the picture was snapped and then put them back up so they each earned their dollar.

we were all a good team because we liked different stuff. val and ashton liked the calmer stuff so when we went on the bigger/scarier rides, they'd stay with havana and sometimes river was with them as well although she went on most of them. i was so proud of her. val likes the spinning rides like the tea cups so she'd take the kids on those and kg and i would stay with havana. it worked out well and i feel like we each got to ride lots of rides with breaks with the havana in between. and even she got to go on some of the slower ones or family ones!

our first day was a success. it was only half a day so i was looking forward to doing the other half of the park the next day. as indicated by the sea of sleeping children, disney wore them out! we all shared a room which was so fun.


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