Saturday, October 22, 2011

california::day 9-disneyland and california adventure finale

october 22 was our final day at disney. so sad. we showed up first thing in the moring and didn't leave until after midnight! we hit our favorite rides as disney and then went to california adventures. we made the most of it and had a great time!
they loved the cars!
this was the happiest man i'd ever seen. he went around singing all day and clapping a certain rhythm and people around him would clap it back and he'd smile and laugh and do it somewhere. love it!

flower was not impressed. she hid in my lap the whole ride.

we enjoyed the aladin show and it was a great place for river to take a nap!

ahhh, my favorite ride!

this ride is so cool that is smells like what you're riding through. like strawberry, and doughnuts. super cool.

they had so much fun dancing with phineaus and ferb.

flower had been anticipating the little mermaid ride and it didn't disappoint.
river is a cotton candy junkie!
mickey was a very cool ride.

ouch. she fell off the chains we had told her to stop playing on about a hundred times! can you see the tear on her nose?
we chose a moving car on the mickey ride and it was fun!

we would drop and swing wildly. i loved river's face every time we'd fall. :)

we went back to disney for the fire works. that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! just amazing.

i can't believe it's over but we sure had a good time! i hope we can go back soon.

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