Friday, October 14, 2011

california::day 1-san diego, beach

october 14th.
i hate being this far behind but it has it's upside. i am now basking in the fun that was this trip. and looking at beach photos and fun times with some of our favorite friends that we miss so much just warms my heart.

it was overcast and kind of cold but that didn't stop these kids from having a blast!

when we arrived we could see something bobbing in the water. it was quite a ways out but ashton made it his mission to retrieve it.

the kids wanted to be buried.

and then she was done!

when we got back to the house, val gave river her first official haircut!

no more mullet!
trying to see herself in the mirror. funny girl.

lovely little bob. we all love it and think she approves.

then we had some fun with my hair. she made half of it pink! i loved it. i forgot my hair product that helps tame the curl. that combined with the humidity meant i had big hair the whole trip.

we went out for mexican food for dinner in old towne. delicious!

some old man decided to join our dinner. :p

the kids had so much fun playing outside. i love seeing them play together!

we introduced val to 'words with friends' :)

super fun first day!

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