Thursday, October 13, 2011

destination california!

we woke on october 13th so excited to be going to california! we went to chef's hut for breakfast.
kg and flower put this on all their breakfast food!

finally we went to the airport!
we bought new luggage for all of us. they are fantastic! the backpacks zip onto the suitcase or can be taken off. the girls wore their backpacks, filled with things to do on the plane and then they were able to roll their own suitcase.

ready to go through security.
for the first leg, kg sat with river behind flower and me.

we landed in san francisco and changed planes. we were seated across from each other so we let the girls sit together. they were so cute. this was river's first flight.

they were great little travelers. we loved our luggage because it all fit on the plane and we didn't have to check anything. that was for a 10 day trip for 4! plus activities and things for them to do on the plane. highly recommend this luggage. we arrived in san diego around 11 pm and were greeted by val and the kids! we were so happy to see them. we stayed up past 3:00 am talking and catching up.

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