Wednesday, October 19, 2011

california::day 6-goofy's diner and shopping

october 19th
after 5 fun filled, crazy days with seven people, we decided we needed a slower paced day. now that val was gone we also would be walking everywhere which was kind of nice at the beginning of the day, but very tiring by the end!
we went to a wonderful buffet breakfast as goofy's diner. this was an excellent choice! it's pricey but it was totally worth it for us because the girls got to get photos with princesses and didn't have to stand in absurdly long lines at disney. each character came right to our table!
plus we got this totally cute family photo that now resides on a large canvas in our hallway!

they got to dance with pluto!

the way this lady moved and talked reminded me so much of our friend natalie! the girls were mesmerized and she answered all their questions! she was so sweet.
since river's birthday was a few weeks later, they sang happy birthday!

all of the characters came in and out of that door so we got to see each of them more that once! we had perfect seats.

it was wonderful! after that we went shopping at downtown disney for all of our souvenirs.

we loved stopping at the bird shows.

we played in lego land.

amazing things made with legos.

flower picked mickey ears and a lovely box that plays music and tinkerbell dances when the box is opened.
river got ears and a tinkerbell bank.

we then made it back to the hotel. i think kg and the girls went swimming while i took a nap.
that evening we walked back towards downtown disney and had dinner. i don't remember where but it was good.
then my monkey's swung from the trees on our way back to the hotel. :)

fun, relaxing day.

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lisa said...

these are so adorable to darn cute and to much fun glad you had fun love you guys

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