Sunday, October 16, 2011

california::day 3-san diego, zoo

october 16th
after three days together we all decided the kids could probably use a break from each other. we went to church together and then we left early with the girls and went to the zoo. turned out to be a good decision because when they got home from church ellektra had a fever. we needed her better for monday! so they enjoyed a day of rest and we had a wonderful day at the zoo!
it's hard to see but i did a fishtail braid in her hair. i love the way they look in her hair!

loved the blue on this pretty little bird.

really cool spider web.

i think this is so sweet.

getting stepped on by the elephant.

can you see the little guy hiding behind his mama. so cute!

there he is!

we had a great time and ran ourselves ragged. :) i love when she falls asleep on his shoulders.
this makes me laugh! they were so tired.
it was a long day so we were more than thrilled to walk into their home to a wonderful home cooked meal. val completely outdid herself and it was delicious!
this would be our last night there before we all headed to LA. We had so much fun staying with them and were so grateful for the hospitality. val definitely makes it feel like home. and thanks to ellektra for giving up her room for us!

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