Friday, October 21, 2011

california::day 8-the queen mary and medieval times

october 21st was another more relaxed day away from theme parks. :)
we are foodies. i love to try new restaurants and going to new cities is the best for that. we make a point to never eat at chain restaurants(unless we've never been there), but to find the really good, local, best kept secret type places. i do research before we ever go on vacation to seek out restaurants, bakeries and ice cream parlors. :) today, we drove to long beach and enjoyed breakfast at the potholder. this place was awesome. such cool decor to enjoy. filled with devoted locals, and the food was delicious.

kg is an excellent tipper ;) cha-ching for them....and me! ;) oh yes, i did just say that.

love kat!
after being appropriately stuffed, we went to tour the queen mary. this was fun.

i love ghosts and ghost stories. just one of the reasons i adored living at the idanha.

waiting for the tour to begin the girls used the bars like a jungle gym. just prior to this we wondered inside by ourselves and got lost. it took us a bit to find our way back to the tour place so we missed our time and had to wait some more. that ship is just huge! the tour was awesome! flower hated it of course because she was scared. poor skittish little thing.

river swinging wildly, flower posing primly. love that their personalities show in photos!
queen mary herself.
an insurance lady was in the elevator with us and was doing a promotional thing handing out ghost suckers. she was kind enough to give the girls one. flower wanted nothing to do with it since it was a ghost. :) river gladly played with them both.

we then went in search of a charming neighborhood to roam and found just the place. it reminded me of hyde park.
we meandered through the shops and really enjoyed ourselves. our only purchases were two new books and one vintage one that we couldn't pass up.

for me. i love vintage children's books.

in this store, we sat on the coolest sofa for quite some, just reading and relaxing.
in another store i loved that they used old fridge doors for their changing rooms!


we hit up a cupcake store before heading back to the hotel to get ready for our evening.

after naps we got ready to go to medieval times. we got to check out torture devices of old before the show started.

it was mortiphying reading about the way people were tortured and the reasons why.

the girls received crowns and also picked out a souvenir. they chose a light up noisy saber type thing. they were cool.

the king got the show started.

during the show flower received a flower from our knight. :)

the dinner was good and show was so fun. and if i remember correctly, our blue team won. :) it was a really great night!

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