Tuesday, October 18, 2011

california::day 5-disneyland, day 2

october 18th
the day at disney started much earlier. we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible, especially since val and the kids would be heading back to san diego that night.
do i not have the prettiest friend?!

*love this photo!*

*love this photo!*

i especially loved the rides that allowed us to put the girls together with us right behind them. i loved the opportunity to enjoy a few rides with kg that, together, let us watch our girls having fun.

we let the animals ride in their own cage. :)

river was asleep in the stroller so i sat out with her. renting the stroller at disney was a good investment. it either held sleeping kids or all of our bags. it came in very handy.

it ended way too fast. :( on our way back to the hotel we grabbed mcdonald's for dinner. look at havana drawing so intricately. i was so amazed at how she was holding the pen and how long she sat just like that and drew. she is so cute!

after they ate, val and kids loaded up in the car and left. we were so sad to see them go. we had the best time with them! Five whole days with some of our favorite friends. does it get any better? i think not. thank you so much, val, for taking such good care of us in san diego and for joining us at disney. you made it so much more fun for us! we love you all to pieces! (i'm not sure if i mentioned that scot wasn't with us because he was deployed. :( we missed him.)

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