Monday, December 17, 2012

christmas at roger's

we had our annual chinese dinner christmas gathering at roger's on the 17th. that meant meeting lovina for the first time for us since we were sick when she was born.  she is a sweet, beautiful little baby.  her lips, especially the top lip remind me of grandma adelle madison for some reason.  to look at her you definitely see her sister lorelai.  it's so fun having a baby in the family again!  river was the youngest so it's been 4 years!  i know they struggled for years getting pregnant and we know that battle.  i've gotten emotional several times since we found out amanda was pregnant because i'm so thrilled their heartache is over.  lovina is a beauty!

we did our gift exchange. 
i was so excited to finally give roger's family their gifts.  i painted them each a mug and then filled it with their favorite candy and gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.  i worked hard on them!
the girls got popstar and surfer barbies and kg and i were equally spoiled with cash to be used for my upcoming vegas trip and a gift card to cheesecake factory.

we had a little oops when zach, a 9 year old boy, excited opened his present from grandma and grandpa to discover a cute little red outfit for a tiny baby.  my mom got their boxes mixed up and we sure had a good laugh!

at home they opened their barbies and they are pretty cool!  they both transform from one barbie to another.  river's goes from a mermaid to a surfer girl.  the tail turns into a surf board.
flower's goes from a princess to a popstar. the top of the head even turns around to go from regular hair to purple hair.

lovina clearly stole the show and we had a wonderful evening!

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