Friday, December 21, 2012

salt lake{day 1}

kg had a 6 day weekend right before christmas so we packed it up and headed to salt lake. the girls wanted to see the lights. i wanted to see some friends. and i always want to go to ikea! we left boise about 2 and stopped in twin to site see. the girls and i showed kg the golf course and where we had lunch with amanda and then we got some photos. i love the bridge photos of the girls!  we wanted to see the falls too but it was getting dark and it was so cold!
i bought these cute tins for the girls to surprise them.  they got them once we reached mountain home.  every time we go into lee's candies they see them and ask for one and i always say no but this time i got them! i was buying chocolates for my utah friends so i bought these and put in some candy and treats for the drive.  i think they are so cute.  this one is flower's, river's is no where to be found at the moment. :)

when we got back on the road we gave the girls a surprise present to open.   kg had bought them a drawing tablet.  it looks like an ipad but it's not electronic and it's like the old school thing where you'd draw and lift the top sheet and it would erase.  only this you draw with a stylus and then just shake and it disappears.  that kept them busy and entertained the whole trip!
we made it to our hotel, right by temple square, at 8 and went to dinner at the rooftop restaurant in the joseph smith building.  beautiful views and wonderfully delicious food!

it's so nice to be together and with no worries but having fun!

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Shannon said...

I LOVE the girls' ruffly pant legs! What I wouldn't give for a pair of those. =)
I shouldn't read your blog late at night. the food pictures make me hungry.
Pretty temple pictures.
Fun-looking trip fer yer fam.

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