Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas with kristen

kristen and i finally got together on the 29th to celebrate christmas. first we went to asiago's. yum! then she came over and we had our gift exchange. the girls were so excited that she was over so they could show off their new kitchen.  she was so kind and got the girls some gifts too.  they had so much fun with these streamers!  she also gave them a ton of fun and yummy chapsticks!  reminded me of when we were young and my mom would give us the avon flavored chapsticks.  so good!  we'd lick our lips and reapply all day long.

she gave me this cute owl key chain,
and fun owl towels.
kristen and i got a kick out this typo on the packaging of the adorable owl soap dispenser and it's also kind of dirty.  we had kg hold it up later.  hehe!
i love the red glasses!

she also gave me this amazing picture!  she knows me so well.  i love this type of art and it goes so well with my black apple prints!  so cute!

thank you so much, kristen!  merry christmas.  i sure love you!

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