Monday, December 31, 2012

girls day at ceramica

what better way to spend the last day of the year than at ceramica with my favorite girls? we reserved the back room and invited lots of friends.  i had flower, river and kassidee.  kristen also came as well as patti and her two girls.  it was a fun day. 
river decided to paint a miniature owl cookie jar like my big one so she'd have one for her kitchen!  i love that she wants to be just like me!
kassidee painted a small owl and a fairy.
flower finally painted the hello kitty jewelry box she's had her eye on for months!

since we were a group we got 20% off our purchases.  i finally bought this big tree i've wanted all season!  little lights go in it.  my mom had painted a smaller version when i was young and i always loved it.  i can't wait till it's done but it will likely take me a few visits!
patti did a plate, and her daughters did a horse and an owl mug.
kristen made the cutest coasters!  they look like the peanuts gang. 

thanks for coming to play with us ladies!

that evening the girls spent the night at sandee's so kg and i could have a date.  it's been too long and he doesn't have new year's eve off very often.  i was so excited!  we went to see lincoln, then went to outback steakhouse for dinner, and then back to see jack reacher.  that was an awesome show!  it was over at 11:45 p.m. so then we went to john and lisa's to ring in the new year.  we stayed there till about 1:30 a.m. chatting before coming home and watching some of our shows.  i think we finally went to sleep at 4 am.  it was so awesome to be able to sleep in the next day together! 
that afternoon we met sandee, her kids and our girls at the theater to treat them to a movie for watching the girls.  we watched parental guidance.  hilarious! 
i'm grateful for all the movie cards we received for christmas.  they made those 2 days free for us and full of fun!  it was a very fun way to ring in the new year and i'm very optimistic about this year.  our favorite number is 13 so we've been looking forward to this year for a long time!  cheers.

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