Tuesday, December 18, 2012

happy birthday, lynnette!

i don't think i've ever been so excited to give a gift! i have been working on this since october. lynnette loves halloween and is a major boise state football fanatic.
one day while sitting in ceramica i had the idea to somehow combine the two onto a plaque.  this is how it turned out! 
the halloween side has hundreds of little googly eyes glued to it around the word BOO!. 

she can show the boise state one all year and then turn it over for the month of october.  the bsu side  includes what i lovingly coined 'bobble head lynnette's' on each side of the field.  lynnette paints her face and wears a wig for every game and i love how they turned out!
this was really fun!  happy birthday, lynnette!

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Shannon said...

What a good idea! Nice work on that decoration. I especially like the googly eye side.
Let me know when you're going to ceramica again (if ya want). I've never tried any of those places due to my intimidation. And I know my girls would like to come too.

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