Saturday, December 8, 2012

holiday dance recital

the girls had their dance recital on december 8th. it was a crazy day since they danced at difference times and each had to be there prior for a dress rehearsal but sandee helped and worked it out.  they both did awesome!  i loved every minute.  scroll to the bottom to read about my total faux pas!
flower is in hip hop and danced to gangnam style.  she didn't act nervous at all and really knew her stuff! way to go flower!

santa was waiting in the foyer.

spencer and kassidee are also in hip hop and did great!  it's been so fun having all four kids in the same studio!

river is in ballet and danced to rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  this was her first recital of any kind and she did wonderful!  i was so proud of her.  she was right in the center and owned the stage!

we gave the girls flowers after their dance.

i thought we were going to have a crisis with river.  she didn't want to wear her costume because it was itchy.  she had a little meltdown at home but thankfully with the excitement of the other children and actually performing on stage, she forgot all about it.
she is having real sensory issues lately.  the first month of school she was fine to wear jeans, then that stopped.  'they feel weird'.  so i was fine with her wearing skirts with leggings.  now that doesn't work either.  'the leggings feel weird'  'they are twisted'(when clearly they are not).  shoes are too tight or too lose.  socks feel weird or aren't on just right.  coats are too bulky.  it's a process to get her dressed and sometimes it's not worth the fight and she's gone out in 20 degree weather in her favorite outfit of a t-shirt, skirt and flip flops.  she is definitely a summer girl and loves nothing more than the just mentioned outfit!  and she spends more time at home just in undies than anything else.  i won't be a bit surprised if she ends up living in a nudist colony someday.  love my little hippie child!

***funny story-after flower's dress rehearsal we stopped at target to get thank you gifts for the teachers and studio owner as well as a baby gift for flower's teacher.  she picked some chocolates and a cute ornament for each of them and an adorable penguin towel for the baby.  we wanted a treat so we bought ourselves the same box of chocolates.  when we got in the car we opened our box of chocolates and each took a small bite from each piece just to taste them and decided to save the rest for kg and river.  we threw the box back in the bag and rushed home to get river and kg and fly back to centennial.  i quickly put their gift bags together and had the girls write in the cards and hand them out.  a few days later while at home i remembered the chocolates and went to grab them out of the bag. the only box in the bag was unopened....oh crap!  my heart sank realizing that one of those 3 sweet ladies got the box with two bites taken out of each piece of chocolate!  hahahaha!  so embarrassing!  can you imagine?!  going to open a new box of chocolates ready to have a yummy treat only to discover they were half eaten!  i died laughing just thinking about their reaction and then we took the new box of chocolates back to the studio to give it to that poor soul.  they all laughed at our story and none of them would admit to receiving the eaten box and just graciously appreciated our token of thanks.

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