Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

we spent christmas eve at my parents as usual. we had soup in bread bowls and my dad's yummy punch.
i had seen this online and fell in love with it and knew my parents would love it.  however, i knew i couldn't afford it on my own at $10 a piece and 4 times that for the sofa!  so i hit up my siblings and they all paid for their own kids and we split the cost of the sofa, grandparents and dog.  i love it.  each grandchild is there and it's the first piece with new little lovina in the family!  i had fun playing with it and rearranging the kids. :0)  the top one is in order of birth from left to right.  the bottom one is putting the boys on the top of the couch with the dog and the new baby in the middle. :)
before the night was done, santa read 'twas the night before christmas.

and grandpa read from the scriptures.

then we piled in our cars and went looking at christmas lights before going home.  this house was fantastic!  by far my favorite so far!
when we got home we discovered eve the elf left us presents!  we each opened them to discover monkey pajamas.

trying to set up the timer was a treat but we got it!

the girls were then off to bed and santa stayed up for 5 hours putting together the girls amazing kitchen!  i was quite grateful.  kg normally works christmas eve.  i set things up and we celebrate when he gets home christmas morning at 7:30 am before he goes to bed. so i ordered this kitchen knowing i'd be putting it together.  but christmas happened to fall during his normal 6-day weekend.  i was so excited for that!   since santa was off, he did.  i can't even imagine how long it would have taken me!  thanks santa!

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